About Joe



I am Joe Farrington, I live in the tiny Village of Lyons, in Ionia County, with my wife and 2 year old son. Originally from the east side of Michigan, I was raised to know that anything I want out of life, I’ll have to earn. That being said, I started working brick, block, stone, and concrete with my father and brothers since age 13 through college. I’ve worked in the bar business as a bar-back since the age of 14 (Liberty Bowl/Ritz of Roseville), and now as a barback/owner of the Lyons Bar. I paid my way through college by working and attending classes fulltime. First community college, and then Florida State University! After earning a degree in Business I moved back to Michigan and fulfilled my childhood goal of being a fully licensed financial adviser. Less than a year later, I moved backed to Florida, where I worked in sales, bought a home, became a math teacher for the School District of Hillsborough County (SDHC), and met my future wife. Now, after being an elected official in local government for the past few terms, it’s time to do something productive for God and country.

Working Class



As a WORKING CLASS REPUBLICAN, I believe in the abolishment of unnecessary regulations, gratuitous taxation, and the preservation of the 2nd Amendment. We work long-hard hours with calloused hands, we beat our bodies to exhaustion, we hunt, fish, spend time with our families, and we enjoy a good burger and ice-cold beer. We deserve a lot more than an absentee congressman with a perfect record for looking out for his best interests.

Time for Action


West Michigan REPUBLICANS, we have  months to beat Justin Amash at the poles!! But first we must vote in a Working-Class Republican to wedge out the corporate lapdogs that only do the bidding of special interest!! “United We Stand” with JOE FARRINGTON for CONGRESS!